Tom Cruise To Katie Holmes: I’ll Play Coach, You Play Soccer Mom!




Tom Cruise and katie Holmes spend Saturday November 11, 2006 at daughter Isabella’s soccer game. Katie was very affectionate with Tom, holding his little hand and caressing his hairy arm. Hmmm. there sure putting on a good show before the wedding. Well they are actors you know!

Update! The wedding is set for this Saturday In Italy!!! Are the Stars on Tomkats side? click on the link to find out!

5 Responses to “Tom Cruise To Katie Holmes: I’ll Play Coach, You Play Soccer Mom!”

  • Seriously they put on a good show. That’s what it is to me, a semi good show. U know, in 10 years, Tom will probably divorce Katie or the other way around.

  • jules says:

    haha. i was there, i played the kid in soccer, not bad. tom’s got pretty tight pants though.

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  • anastasia says:

    i don’t know what r you doing with that woman she don’t love you but she had just a desire for you. hey man there’s a difference between LOVE and DESIRE open your eyes before it’s too late

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