Jay Leno’s Driving Miss Daisy



The Pukemeister caught Jay Leno driving one of his old caddy’s around Studio city on Sunday November 12, 2006. Chinny Chin, Chin!!! or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Jay!!!

3 Responses to “Jay Leno’s Driving Miss Daisy”

  • mashra says:

    I LOVE YOU, JAY LENO!!!! heard he has a huge cock! sandra bernhard says so. and that ho ain’t wrong!

  • paw paw negro says:

    jay leno has nothing on johnny! LOng LIve the smoking host!

  • Dude Luv says:

    All except for the speech defect,,,,,,,oh,,,didn’t anyone notice that his ssssssounds like TH?????Over bite,,,over rated so-called show host,,,far from being a comedian,,,,,speech defect,,,,,who is responsible for this mess on late night TV?????

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