Jennifer Garner Goes To A Hair Salon In Beverly Hills


Jennifer Garner took today, Saturday Novemebr 11, 2006 to get a new dew in Beverly Hills. Wow! what a difference. Much better with her hair down.

Credit:David Aguilera/LondonEntertainment/SplashnewsÂÂ

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  • myosotis says:

    Yep, Mrs Manly really needs to hide her ears, and wash her hair more often

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  • See, I have been saying she needs to wash her hair! See looks so pretty!

  • Anonymous says:

    jennifer garner is adorable, you must just be incredibly jealous

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  • Cherry5000 says:

    “Yep, Mrs Manly really needs to hide her ears”

    Or, if she’s so determined to show them off all the time, she should at least stop being such a baby about things and finally get around to having her ears pierced.

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