Jennifer Aniston Is escorted By Tons Of Cops




Jennifer Aniston Has a Police Entourage escort her to a waiting Gas guzzling SUV at LAX airport. Attached is a Police sketch of the Lay out plan constructed before Jennifer Anistons arrival.

Credit:David Aguilera/LondonEntertainment/Spalshnews

20 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston Is escorted By Tons Of Cops”

  • Alix says:

    I don’t get it; did Jen become important all of a sudden. I like her, but damn, certainly the police could have been utilized elsewhere.

  • That sketch of the police layout is so funny.

  • PukeMeister says:

    Hehe! thanks!

  • fernando says:

    hay jennifer, i hope you find love in your life. you don’t need mr. pitt in your life. he is too busy trying to find himself playing second banana with that lunny tunes ms. angela jolie. he should of just gone to the himmalias like in his movie 15 years in tibet. he would be a lot better off than following that crazy women he fell for. i wonder if billy bob is laughing at those two hollywood wonders.

  • CAROL s says:


  • Anon says:

    She’s a terrible actress – extremely overrated.

  • Courtney says:

    Jen you are the most beautiful actress and i love you) bradd pitt can suck a wang!!!!

  • oscar miheso says:

    A real case of good actress gone bad…..

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  • Jennifer the Punk?musician says:

    Jen dosnt need Brad hes a dick anyway.

  • Aislinn says:

    I just saw ” Derailed ” recently, and I recommend you find movies that are a little dark and underhanded like this one. You did a pretty good job in that movie.

  • dna says:

    she is a sexy bug.


  • Mafer says:

    mm…. I love her but I dont like this pic I dont get it … And i could have done that in my computer i mean cmon !!

    And about Brad , yeah his a dick …really hot though XD

  • Sara says:

    She is a horrible actress! I also find her very selfish and unattractive. Ehhh!

  • Jake says:

    Ugly, big nose, sorry excuse for an actress!!!!! Brad made an excellent decision in getting out of that relaionship! I couldn’t have lasted that long!

  • cyn says:

    Totally agree with jake and sara.

  • me says:

    she’s a pretty good actress (I was surprised w/ derailed); it was very good (I think). she’s cute, not gorgeous; but seems friendly enough that U can look passed all the bullsh*t & C her 4 her. As 4 Brad, well, I think he jaded her – I don’t know about him being a d*ck b/c I don’t know him. However, he always wanted children & Jen wasn’t ready – how many other marriages broke up 4 the same reason & we didn’t give a sh*t?

  • Catt says:

    Just saw a commercial for Marley and Me, which reminded me of Jennifer Aniston. GOD, she sucks! She’s got to be one of the worst “actresses” ever. Absolutely no character range at all. Always looking depressed with that long droppy face! I can’t stand her….. obviously any man she’s had a relationship with can’t either. I can’t believe Pitt stayed as long as he did. I would have blown my brains out!

  • We all think Jennifer Aniston is the most attractive actress on the screen and everyone thinks she’s the best

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