Nicole Richie Shows Off Her Tattoos with DJ AM



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Nicole Richie left La Scala restaurant in Beverly Hills with DJ AM on Wednesday October 25, 2006. E Online is reporting that Nicole has entered an undisclosed rehab facility to diagnose why she hasn’t been able to get fat.

6 Responses to “Nicole Richie Shows Off Her Tattoos with DJ AM”

  • Alix says:

    Diagnosis: Stay off drugs, gain weight. That’ll be $200,000.00. Thank you.

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  • m says:

    She may not have an eating disorder…she may have Celiac’s Disease. Everyone was convinced I had an eating disorder because I was starving to death. I was eating though…my body just couldn’t process gluten (a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye) and as a result my intestines were being damaged and could not absorb the nutrients from the foods I ate. Unfortunately it is a disease that is often not diagnosed or misdiagnosed in this country.

  • PukeMeister says:

    Thanks M, hope your ok.

  • Keonee says:

    I love Nicole Richie. Even though alot of people may say this and that about her…she is a big inspiration to me. I want the tattoo she has around her ankle and plan to get it next month. Nicole may have had an eating disorder, but she is being strong throughout all the rumors/talking about her. She’s being strong enough to over come this. I am behind Nicole ever step of the way && im her biggest fan! I LOVE YOU NICOLE!!!!!!!

  • I am an african american american tat2 artist that owns 1 of the est 6 tat2 shops that are blk ran, let me show u through my artwork why americans have been over charged and under skilled with this historical skin artwork.

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