Avril Lavigne convinces her mouth to keep closed


Avril Lavigne had lunch in Beverly Hills today, and managed not to chuck-a-loogy! Need i say more……

Key Note-In reference to the fact that Aviril Lavigne spit on photographers this week.

66 Responses to “Avril Lavigne convinces her mouth to keep closed”

  • Michael says:

    Hilarious photo!

  • Kristen says:

    She got tired of sharing her DNA!

  • When it comes to the transmission of spit disease “who would know more about this dreaded catastrophic pandemic then the renowned and most celebrated her hinnest Avril Lavigne”. She has had these phenomenal insights and came divinely endowed to administer to all those sick and afflicted souls in need of heavenly intervention.

  • ashley a says:

    shes not even spitting so i dno wa ya all on about

  • Lu says:

    They’re about that she’s done spitting.

  • sesso gay says:

    sesso gay…


  • Ashley says:

    cute pic but loss the blonde hair!

  • sarah says:

    oh my gosh so what a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do girls don’t act like you’ve never done that i mean come on haven’t you been sick before

  • Kaline says:

    lol well i think she should keep the blonde hair if she goesback to being a punk will have more spit then we can handle.

  • Punk says:

    never knew being a punk was a crime kaline,,
    sry to say its actually an easier crowd to get along with then all those queer kids that are ‘in’ the social scene,,
    and avril never was punk she was a fakie,,
    but needless to say she was amazingly hott despite the fakeness

  • her biggest fan says:

    leave her alone it might or not be true but how would u like it if i made rumors about u.all i know is every one dose stuff like that.and that shes my idol.im not her fan 4 nothing

  • wise 101 says:

    shes wright^and Mind URE BIZZ NOT AVRILS:(

  • Anonymous says:


  • Magz says:

    ok, why the hell is everybody fighting about Avril spitting??? And by the way, the blode hair suits her soooo much better!

  • rock hard and long says:

    those of u who insalt her.she does not care as long as her fans yet remain as her fans

  • _2014 says:

    ure all idots their 4 leve her alone.cuse ure just makeing a full of ure self

  • #44 says:

    im only 11 and u people must not no what its like to see and here people talking like this about the 1 u look up too,ive been useing fake names to stick up 4 and i still will.her bigest fan,wise101,rock hard and long,_2014,and#44

  • #44 says:

    let me no hen ure going to make a new rumors ill be watting.:[.l..

  • Kait says:

    I dont see what the big issue is abotu her spitting i mean i do it all teh time… who cares if its not “lady like” not all of us are girly grils. And sorry to say mr punk… she never said she was punk, it was all her managers and shit that started calling her the punk princess. and If u dont like her for who she is cause thats to damn bad cause all your going to get is who she is… and if u cant handle is buzz off and stop wasiting ur “preciose” time basshing someone you obvliously dont give a shit about. and if u wanan bash people u dont give a shuit about liek i sdaid its a waist opf breath cause if you dont like them they probablly dont like you either so they probablly dont giver a shit what u have to say or diss about them.

  • AVril SUKS says:

    She sucks nutts. Kick her lame ass of the stage!!! She’s such a disgrace!

  • AvRiL FreAkiE FaNz says:

    DuuHH…U juz jealous cuz shez pretty cutie lil punkie *lmao* n yea i totaly love her new single..

  • xx laura xx says:

    Avril is de best if u got a problem wiv her then tell it to someone who cares.STAY OFF HER WEBSITES if u dont like her.stupid people.

  • me&mine...* says:

    ….like whatever!!! leave her aone! or ill kick ur buts u all *** she spitts so what??? just put ur stinky ass away from her and leave her alone! i think she knows whats she doing… so dont worry!

  • Kate Lazyrina says:

    Did you see these strange boots? She always wear very fashionable clothers? but here…Oh,no…HER BEST FAN.From Russia with love…

  • *JAK-KAY*69 says:


  • KiRsTy.... says:

    wat the hell is your guys problem? leave the chick alone, i mean come on, is she the only person in the world who spits? um No!! everybody does it, just because she is famous, popular and goodlooking unlike you nut suckers does not give you the right to diss her. so im my opinion GET A LIFE!! anyway – rock on avril your awesome…

  • Not Telling says:

    I just don’t get why she would do that. I am a big Avril Lavigne fan, and I want to say good things about her. I do not want her to make the same mistakes as Britney Spears.

  • kate says:


  • ROCH says:

    she does what she does, I thnik because ,she thniks those guys need a break from chasing her.
    i thnik they needed a shower anyway?
    Today i go get you new cd AL. If it as good as the last 2 you are GRRRrreat!!!

  • Carreer Over lol says:

    Well…. hopefully we won’t have to see much more of avril….Ding, your bit of fame is now over !!!!!!!!! Can you say spice girls hehehe

  • Alexxutza says:

    you all have way to much time on your hands…
    I know you were here Kristie:p

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  • nicole says:

    she is pretty but totally stupid

  • Ashlyn says:


  • Anonymous says:

    i think she, at this stage is a total bitch! like when she became famous she was awesome n a good rocker now shes just too britney n jessica simpson wanna be!! dude all i can see is just open ur eyes get this shit out of ya!! i was a big fan of avril now i hear ppl talking abt her i just walk away im not intressted to hear abt her!! shes not cool anymore…..she became dumb!!

  • Tina, 13 says:

    i think shes really awsom n she rocks my life!! i still like her music and her since the dasy she got famos till now! shes soo cool! im really proud of bieng her fan!!…..keep on rocking avril!!..

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  • shantwiizzle says:

    yea yea so wat….she spit on y’all get over it itsz jus hard being a celebrity

  • brady says:

    she can spit on me anytime!

  • leave the girl alone their is nothing wrong with that pic i say to the bitches that dont like avral s.t.f.u.

  • i love u avril

  • ha ha says:

    rock on girl i love u r new single

  • hi Avril. I love that song girlfriend i is so puke up and all your song and your one of my puke friends. o im f to i sang when i was little it was so cool. one of my songs is pop punk and so NICOLE punk cool talk to you later i got to get going to get to my c be for i late bye by nicole aders

  • Elisha says:

    Now, she spits on photogs for fun!

  • Brit says:

    She looks like she emits a foul odor.

  • pink fishy says:

    Brit don’t judge o.k

  • Annie says:

    avril lavigne rocks

  • blssythrtn says:

    suckas! liv her alone! ur jus mad cos shes EVERYTHING UR NOT.!!
    show her face and stop toking behind her back , ure jus mad cos she got wat u lack! dumbasses.

  • Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! umiqvgdcogyl

  • Avril is a hottie!!

  • Bongtasia says:

    dumb as bitch spitting on her fans.like wtf? is wrong with this ignorant bitch

  • sarah says:

    wowww!!!its hot

  • Jennifer the Punk/musician says:

    She didnt spit on fans it was actaly a poparazzi. And if it was me I would of done the same thing if they were in my face w/ camaras and saying a bunch of shit.

  • Max says:

    i just think that whoever took this picture really hates avril, but what ev, and anonomous, she’s no brittany spears wanna be, infact, she knows what she’s doin and it’s not like she went and had babies that ruined her career, instead she went out and made hits like “girlfriend” and “when ur gone” (both rele good) and spitting on a paparazzi that’s getting under ur skin is no big deal, anyone would have donw the same… SO LAY OFF!!

  • simona says:

    avril you got sued!!
    what’s this all about???
    why are you making videos like girlfriend?
    it’s stupid and dumb
    stop acting like you like her people cause inside she’s not what you think!
    she might be pretty i agree but come on!!!!
    she shows the middle finger every time the comra shows on her!!!
    and her videos are stupid!

  • hAi!!!! iDol hOw aRe yOu?? mWuAaAaahhhh… tNx!!!!!

  • JESSICA says:


  • lisa says:

    I like her music

  • ina says:

    hej you are a preety girl and i like so much yuor songs

  • hilton says:

    i love her husband

  • simona says:

    im so sorry for saying all thoughs things i just dont really like the ideo girl friend but still oh and your new song “hot” rox!!!! but not the video (lol)
    oh and i luv it how youi did that remix for girlfriend especially since you did it with LIL MAMA !!

  • holly shit, i love avrl, shes my bitch

  • chelsea wilson says:


  • Cynthia says:

    I love Avril Lavigne!!!!
    She’s the best!!!!!!!
    She rokzz!!!!!!!
    sh’e just the best….so stop messing with her!!

  • Cynthia says:

    oh bye the way
    I love her blonde hair.
    She looks so pretty!!!
    Hot [[like her song]]

  • Sprmcandy says:

    Avril is a Pretty girl, one I would not mind watching suck me off until she gagged on my thick creamy sperm. Lucky her.

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