Lindsey Lohan has Freddy Kruger hands freddy12.jpg
Lindsey Lohan takes some time off from thinking about her break up from Harry Morton to hang with a girlfriend in Malibu CA. By the way, Her right hand man claw is noticeably rather ugly!

6 Responses to “Lindsey Lohan has Freddy Kruger hands”

  • mswafer mswafer says:

    I feel so sorry for her.

  • lolaloca says:

    Is it because she does not have a home that she can never just stay HOME? Ugghh, at leas she changed her T-shirt. All that shopping in London and this is what she is wearing???

  • Patty says:

    EWWW her hang looks gross! she looks like an old lady!

  • kt says:

    Yet another girl, who without money, would be called a skank. Call it.

  • rite says:

    Money or no money, she IS a skank.

  • Bongtasia says:

    i agree,rite is so right.
    But you know what,linsey got rich of of disney and pg movies.And now she is trying to be all seXy and stuff and do drugs and run into ppl with her car.She didnt get rich from being sexy she got rich from being a teenager and from being innocent.I think she is trying to grow up tooo fast.If she keeps this up i garantee she won’t get asked to do and more films for the people who made her rich anymore.Is she even 18 yet,no wait she might be 20.Whatever she is she is being stupid.Paris hilton done currupted britany and linsey,lol.That was funny paris got britany all cocked up and drunk and let the poperotsy take pics of britany’z hoootch and Paris knows what the hell she is doing.

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